Haben Tigray has the vision of becoming a strong and dependable partner towards Tigray‘s inevitable victory over the humanitarian crisis. 

It works with individuals, other associations and organizations with shared goals. It engages professionals, young members and business owners to participate in rebuilding Tigray.

Our Projects and Operations

Haben Tigray entered into a collaboration with Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) and Health Professionals Network for Tigray (HPN4Tigray) on the Tunaydbah Computer Literacy Project. This project is part of the  Wellness Center in Sudan which was built for Tigrayan refugees displaced as a result of the war which started in November 2020.

For more on our Education Program including the Tunaydbah Computer Literacy and Education Project visit:

Support IDPs and Residents in Need in Tigray

Haben Tigray  allocated $13,000 for aid operations in August and September 2022. Our local team in Tigray, Haben Tigray Organization, along with six other local nonprofits distributed the aid to 3,500 people, based on its assessment and coordination with local offices.  

The primary objective of the operation was to provide aid to IDP, street or orphaned children, elders including some with mental illness, pregnant and lactating mothers, people with chronic illnesses, people with disabilities as well as displaced monks and nuns. The types of immediate aid as recommended by the various organizations include provision of food, health, medical and hygiene services, full accommodation by centers including food, education and day care service, cash aid and material supply aid. 

IOM 70 Kare IDP Center

On August 24, urgent aid was distributed to 150 mothers, elders, and people with chronic illness in the Mekelle IOM 70 Kare IDP Center. On August 30, emergency cash support was distributed for IDPs at IOM 70 Kare IDP center. 

Financial Support to Six organizations

On August 27, Haben Tigray Organization completed financial support for the six organizations identified. The event in which Haben Tigray gave funds along with certificates was conducted in a small group due to the recent airstrike in Mekelle. A total of $5,941 was distributed to the following organizations: New Horizon for Disability & Development , Keradion Elders Support Association, Aba Freminatos Elders, Mentally Disabled & Children Charity Organization, Umbrella for People in Need, and Lola Children’s Home, Seb-N-Seb YMCA.

Shire IDPs

On September 3, three members of Haben Tigray Organization traveled to Shire. In collaboration with the IOM camp management experts and IOM protection team members, the team shortlisted 100 beneficiaries from six IDP sites and payments were made. Additionally, about 400 monks who were displaced from the monasteries in the Western Tigray were given financial support. 

Financial Support to Communities

From September 7 to 10, Haben Tigray Organization provided financial support to a total of 31 households identified to be in dire need by local Tigray Government offices in Mekelle.  

Haben Tigray Organization - Mekelle

Haben Tigray Organization managed the assessment of beneficiaries and distribution of aid by coordinating with multiple local organizations and traveling to various IDP sites. The 32-member strong Haben Tigray Organization in Tigray completed this operation with extraordinary organization and professionalism

Support Refugees with Disabilities in Sudan

In June 2022, Haben Tigray disbursed funds to International Society for Better Health Access, a nonprofit organization operating in Hasheba, Sudan, to help 32 Tigrayan refugees with different types of disabilities. 

In July 2022, we received photos of some of the recipients of aid. We will share more details on this operation as we get more information from Hasheba.

Urgent Aid to Various Households and IDPs Sheltered in Mekelle

In November 2021, Haben Tigray allocated funds to help provide urgent humanitarian assistance to more than 1,000 individuals, including 35 individuals with disability, 62 elderly and female-headed households, 52 families of civil servants in need of urgent help, and 119 families of IDPs sheltered in centers in Mekelle, Tigray. 

Haben Tigray members managing our branch in Mekelle, which is recognized by the Government of Tigray, provided cash support to 513 IDPs sheltered in 7 blocks of the 70-Kare IDP Center (119 families), 206 individuals in elderly and female-headed households (62 families), 198 individuals of civil servants (52 families), and about 35 individuals through Keradion Elders Support Association and Midregenet IDP Center.  

Urgent Aid to IDPs Sheltered in Shire

Haben Tigray allocated funds in May 2021 to support IDPs in Shire.  The team is distributed urgent aid to 417 IDPs (86 families) & 60 elders displaced from monasteries all sheltered urgent humanitarian assistance to IDPs sheltered in various camps in Shire, Tigray. 

These IDPs from Western Tigray were selected as priority aid recipients based on the team’s assessment and each family is receiving key food items like oil and wheat flour as well as some cash for medication. 

However, the amount of aid for each family and the number of families covered in this effort falls short of the needs on the ground. 

Urgent Aid to IDPs Sheltered in Mekelle

In April 2021, Haben Tigray members in the US started an initiative to donate funds and resources they have in Tigray for the purpose of supplying urgent humanitarian assistance to people in Tigray. 

Our members in Tigray received funds, coordinated the purchase supplies needed and distributed emergency food and sanitary supplies to 376 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) sheltered in three different camps in Mekelle city and two children with physical injuries.  

The IDPs supported included 104 people sheltered in MKG IDP Center; 37 pregnant women, 60 breast-feeding mothers and 155 children sheltered at the MG Center and 20 families sheltered by relatives and families in Mekelle. 

Helping Injured Children in Mekelle

Beti who lost her mom, her brother and her grandmother after heavy artillery in Axum. She survived but lost her two legs. The Mekelle physiotherapy center is helping her to walk again using artificial limbs. 

In consultation with her doctors in, Haben Tigray members in Tigray bought her a bike which would help her to exercise walking and cycling with her man-made limbs. 

Support to Refugees in Sudan

In April 2021, Haben Tigray Donated dignity kits to Refugee Tegaru women and girls in Sudan through an individual drive.

Donation to TDA

In December 2020, the first few members of Haben Tigray collected $10,000 through their initial family contribution. This  was donated to TDA for a total of about $20,000 and confirmed as received in January 2021.