There are many ways to contribute for the recovery of Tigray people from the disheartening situations they are subjected to for no fault of theirs.

It could be financial help by donating to a select project / operation or to a general fund. Either way, Haben Tigray guarantees that it will be put to good and verifiable use with the least overhead cost.  We rely on volunteerism to get the most impact for the future of Tigray.

The contribution can also be in kind: your knowledge, skill, experience, time, idea, moral support, etc. are all valuable. Join us!

Support our education initiative that has proven fruitful in Sudan refugee camps. We can duplicate and improve it to reach the millions who have been deprived of education for three years.

War has destroyed Tigray and we all know there are thousands who are injured without seeing their pictures. 

Help those who have sustained injuries due to the war. Haben Tigray has been trying to help, focusing on those with eye/ eyesight injuries. 

Some can see again with a minor surgery and treatment. They are students, teachers, farmers, businessmen, professionals, brothers and sisters... 

They deserve their normal life back!

We have agriculture and food self sufficiency programs that we are working on in collaboration with Mekele University.

Tigray can and should feed itself.

Become a sustaining donor. Pay here using Card, Bank Account, Google Pay or Cash App.

To use Paypal to pay or donate, use our email: or click here.

*  If you want your donation to be allocated to a specific project/ operation email us; we will honor your request!  *