You can help financial by donating to a select project / operation or to a general fund. Either way, Haben Tigray guarantees that it will be put to good and verifiable use with the least overhead cost.  We rely on volunteerism to get the most impact for the future of Tigray.

Your contribution can also be in kind: your knowledge, skill, experience, time, idea, moral support, etc. are all valuable. Join us!

There are many ways to contribute for the recovery of Tigray people from the disheartening situations they are subjected to for no fault of theirs.

Education Technology

Support our education initiative that has proven fruitful in Sudan refugee camps. Haben Tigray has developed a very powerful education system that can provide schools of Tigray more educational resources than any library can and at an affordable cost.  Our Ed-Tech pools extensive libraries for elementary through college level educational resources, books, and career training content prepared by credible institutions using open source platforms and makes it available to Schools without the use of internet. The contents can also be accessed using mobile devices within a certain distance from the school where the system is installed. Every school in Tigray will benefit from this technology, considering the level of destruction sustained. 

Most, if not all schools in Tigray do not have sufficient reference materials fol all levels of education. While printed materials are helpful, the cost of obtaining and shipping them to Tigray is prohibitive. Instead, an entire school and even homes in close proximity from schools can access countless books, computer based lessons and practice tests, reference books, and trade and vocational courses including information technology. 

Think of school that you would like to have this system installed. Imagine the number of students you will help and that it can be done in cost effectively.  

Haben Tigray will install this crucial resource at some schools as long as our capacity allows  us but our capacity is very limited and need partners. Contact us!

Empower Tigray!

Haben Tigray has launched Empower Tigray Project,  a  Girls Education and Women empowerment initiative,  in four weredas of Tigray in Collaboration with Tigray Disaster Relief Fund .  The donation from TDRF of $44000 is a reassignment of the funding that Raey Hiwet, a volunteer group that run program that helped girls education in Hager Selam area,  entrusted to them. Haben Tigray is privileged and delighted to work on this initiative. 

So far we have selected 53 academically excelling students from rural areas of La'elay Maychew, Hagere Selam, Samre/Finarwa and Wukro and awarded them 7200 Birr each, which will help them cover living and tuition expenses for current academic year so that they can live close to their schools and will not drop out of school due to financial and social challenges. This award recurs until they graduate from high school provided they keep performing well.

We also selected 200 women who  used to own small and run small businesses but lost most or all of their working capital due to the war and provided them a repayable loan of 13,000 Birr each to help them restart their businesses.  50 Women each from Hagere Selam, Samre, Kilte Awllaelo and Axum have received the amount, which is not sufficient by any stretch, but will give them some hope and courage to keep going.

Your support in expanding this initiative to more girls and women an to more locations is welcome. Supporting girls and women is believed to bring about sustainable development. 

The war has destroyed Tigray in an immeasurable scale.  The humanitarian crisis did not end with the thousands of life lost and the wide spread extreme sexual violence on women of Tigray, children to elderly. There are tens of thousands of wounded former fighters that are not getting the medical attention they need.  Haben Tigray has been trying to help those with eye injuries. We have provided basic sanitary supplies, and covered costs for some to get eye exams and supported them by distributing prescription and sun glasses and  canes. There still are many that are waiting to receive care. Our funds are limited but we are willing and ready to collaborate with any group or organization interested to help these youth who have most of their live ahead, 

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