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August  2023

Haben Tigray Starts a Fundraing Raffle 

Haben Tigray started a fundraising raffle to support those injured during the war for the upcoming Geez New Year and invited Tigrayans and friends to participate and Brighten the New Year with the Gift of Sight and Hope to those in difficult situations. The raffle which will draw on on September 10, 2023 and it will help Haben Tigray continue its ongoing project to  provide economic support and medical assistance to victims of war with eye injuries. 

The funds will be used to pay for treatment, prescription medicines or eyewear, canes, audiobooks, and provide training that will hep victims adjust to the realities of their situation.  Thousands of Tigrayans from young children to elderly have been injured and have been waiting to receive the treatment and care they need and deserve.

July 2023

Haben Tigray Releases Infographic Report 

Haben Tigray released an infographic report summarizing its work starting from inception to the public. It includes general overview of our association, work performed by founding members in 2020 and after its establishment in years 2021, 2022 and 2023. Financial information and impact numbers are also covered by the report. We believe this will help provide a wholesome overview of our work, ensure transparency and continued engagement of our esteemed donors, members and collaborators.

May 2023

Haben Tigray Documentary on DW

April 2023

Haben Tigray Youth Supports Children without Parents in Tigray

Haben Tigray Youth had been fundraising in the United States. In April 2023, a total of $3,160 of its funds were allocated to provide financial aid to 250 children. Our Haben Tigray Youth member travelled to Tigray to coordinate this operation with the local team.

March 2023

Haben Tigray  entered into a Partnership with TDRF and 11 other organizations to support those in Tigray wounded due to the war

Haben Tigray entered into the Partnership Agreement for Healing with Hope –Tigray (PATH-Tigray) , which is conducting a needs assessment to identify urgent needs of the wounded and mobilize financial support to help deliver the much-needed relief.

December 2022

As we approach Christmas, we invite all to be part of a joint project by Haben Tigray & Green Tuneydbah Foundation to support Tigrayan refugees in Sudan by contributing uto start farms and feed their families.

Recent information from refugees indicates that food aid provided by the World Food Program (WFP) which was previously inadequate has been reduced further by 50% starting from August 2022. The resulting food-insecurity, lack of basic needs and income to support themselves and their families leaves the populations vulnerable to risks that affect their health and security.

As a response, Haben Tigray is collaborating with individuals and organizations to promote small-scale farming solutions for these refugees by supporting a project which would help them produce food for their households by making use of the small plots of land near their shelters. This can help them gain income while creating employment opportunities throughout the camp. Green Tunaydbah Foundation (GTF) was established by refugees to mobilize the community around farming activities in the camp. Through its initial work with 184 refugees, GTF has proven that the lives of multiple households can be changed for the better with resourcefulness, innovation, and local community action. 

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July 2022

El Camino in solidarity with the women of Tigray - a fundraising supporting Haben Tigray

Yacob Mulugeta is fundraising for Haben Tigray and Hdrina Relief Organization as part of 321 km walk, El Camino Primitivo, Northwestern Spain to raise awareness about the devastating war on the women of Tigray.

Tigray Art Collective Exhibiting in Paris and Selects Haben Tigray to Donate Proceeds

Tigray Art Collective has chosen to donate the proceeds from the upcoming show in Paris to Haben Tigray to support the work in providing education through technology to Tigrayan refugees in Sudan. This exhibition will be held in Paris, France from July 21 to 23.

Installation of the Ed Tech System started in Tunaydbah,  Sudan

Phase 1 of the Tunaydbah Computer Literacy Project, our collaboration with Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) and Health Professionals Network for Tigray (HPN4Tigray), is well underway. This project is part of the Wellness Center in Sudan which was built for Tigrayan refugees displaced due to the war which started in November 2020. One of our members have travelled to the refugee camp to install the Educational Technology System (Ed Tech System), a network of Clients (Raspberry Pi’s) and a Server and conduct the training of trainers.

Haben Tigray Collaborating to Support Refugees with Disabilities in Sudan

Haben Tigray disbursed funds to International Society for Better Health Access, a nonprofit organization operating in Hasheba, Sudan, to help 32 Tigrayan refugees with different types of disabilities.


Haben Tigray Has Started Work on a Project under Its  Education Program

In collaboration with two sister nonprofit organization, Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) and Health Professionals Network for Tigray (HPN4Tigray), Haben Tigray has started work in November on a Computer Literacy Project for Tigrayan Refugees in Sudan. More details are forthcoming as we progress on this project.

Since access to members or funds in Tigray has been blocked since June 2021, Haben Tigray was forced to pause its operations within Tigray. This necessitated redefining of focus to expand efforts into to more comprehensive programs and specific projects targeting challenges the people of Tigray are facing. Following multiple brainstorming exercises among members, fifteen programs were identified in October. From these larger programs, three priority engagement projects were selected as core areas of focus as short-term objectives

Haben Tigray Is Refining Its Strategic Plan

Haben Tigray's core members have recognized the need to redefine its focus and are working towards achieving its goals by expanding the initial member-based operations using its own resources to a more comprehensive approach. This will allow Haben Tigray to maximize its collaboration with other peer associations and also make use of resources from larger international organizations. In September, the members have identified twelve large programs each of which comprise multiple projects. The initial focus programs have been selected based on priority determined by the members. We look forward to our collaborations with individuals, peer associations and other organizations on these critical programs and projects.

Haben Tigray Youth Has Commenced

Haben Tigray is excited to announce the commencement and development of Haben Tigray Youth this August to create a platform for the youth who have shown immense love for and desire to help Tigray and Tegaru. Using such a platform, our youth can discuss the different ideas they bring forth and brainstorm in their own ways to come up with solutions to the abysmal problems Tigray is facing, in an organized manner for maximum impact. Other benefits of this platform include the transfer of knowledge and skills both from and to the youth, bolstered unity as community, access to the benefits and tools that the tax exempt status brings about, and many more.

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