Haben Tigray Relief and Development Association

ሓበን ትግራይ ማሕበር ሓገዝን ልምዓትን

Haben Tigray Relief and Development Association (Haben Tigray) is a nonprofit association legally established to support the people of Tigray affected by the war that started in November 2020. 

Haben Tigray was registered with the US government in January 2021 and has received a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the IRS.

How It Started

Haben Tigray was established by a family of Tigrayans concerned with the alarming and dire conditions our people have been subjected to, including the killing, physical injury and mental harm, internal and external displacement from their homes, looting of their properties and destruction of their land and livelihood. 

It started with a pledge of an initial donation and recurring monthly contributions; however, the depth and breadth of the problem our people are having to live under is beyond what any single or even a few families can undertake. Therefore, we established this association and invite all Tigrayans to rise up to the occasion and do all that we can, more than we ever did before, to somehow alleviate the suffering of our people.

We call upon families to become members and participate, help their children know their heritage and develop the culture of giving by encouraging them to donate to Tigray from the gifts they get during holidays and other events like birthdays.

Our Name

Haben (spelled like ሓበን in Tigrigna alphabet) means protector, dependable safeguard. It also means a source of pride.  Tigray is spelled as ትግራይ and our logo takes the first two letters of Haben Tigray in our alphabet (ሓ & ት).

Our Purpose

Provide aid of basic needs to Tigrayans who have been negatively impacted by the war,

Help re-establish these families once they go back to their homes, and

Provide assistance for Tigray’s development at community level to alleviate poverty.

Our Vision

Haben Tigray has the vision of becoming a strong and dependable partner towards Tigray‘s inevitable victory over the humanitarian crisis. 

Executive Committee Members

Haben Tigray is led by an Executive Committee elected from members by members.

Asfaw Amare


Rewina Bedemariam

Vice President

Marta Woldu


Ahadu Gebresselassie