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Support the People of Tigray

Haben Tigray Relief and Development Association is a nonprofit association established to support the people of Tigray affected by the war that started in November 2020. 

Our Vision is to become a strong and dependable partner towards Tigray‘s inevitable victory over the crisis.

More than 500,000 civilians killed, many more injured  

More than 2.2 million people displaced

More than 2.3 million children impacted

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Latest from Haben Tigray

Haben Tigray Releases Infographic Report 

An infographic report summarizing Haben Tigray's work starting from inception has been released to the public. It includes general overview of our association, work performed by founding members in 2020 and after its establishment in years 2021, 2022 and 2023. Financial information and impact numbers are also covered by the report. We believe this will help provide a wholesome overview of our work, ensure transparency and continued engagement of our esteemed donors, members and collaborators.

July 2023 Infographic Report

Haben Tigray Infographic Report_July 2023.pdf

Haben Tigray Supports Children without Parents in Tigray

Haben Tigray's partnership with TDRF and 11 other organizations 

Haben Tigray entered into the Partnership Agreement for Healing with Hope –Tigray (PATH-Tigray) , which is conducting a needs assessment to identify urgent needs of the wounded and mobilize financial support to help deliver the much-needed relief.

Haben Tigray Distributed Support to IDPs and Residents in Need in Tigray

Haben Tigray  allocated $13,000 for aid operations in August and September 2022. Our local team in Tigray, Haben Tigray Organization, along with six other local nonprofits distributed the aid to 3,500 people, based on its assessment and coordination with local offices.  

The primary objective of the operation was to provide aid to IDP, street or orphaned children, elders including some with mental illness, pregnant and lactating mothers, people with chronic illnesses, people with disabilities as well as displaced monks and nuns. The types of immediate aid as recommended by the various organizations include provision of food, health, medical and hygiene services, full accommodation by centers including food, education and day care service, cash aid and material supply aid. 

Tegaru going the distance, walking the walk!

Ed Tech System in Tunaydbah,  Sudan

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Haben Tigray Media Outreach

Pictures from Our Work in Tigray

IDPs Supported by Haben Tigray  in Mekelle and Shire, Tigray

Urgent Humanitarian Aid for IDPs in Tigray

Since early 2021, Haben Tigray and its members have been donating funds and whenever opportunities arise, sending resources to Tigray for the purpose of supplying urgent humanitarian assistance. 

Helping Injured Children in Mekelle

Recipients of aid include Beti who lost her mom, her brother and her grandmother after heavy artillery in Axum. She survived but lost her two legs. The Mekelle physiotherapy center is helping her to walk again using artificial limbs. 

In consultation with her doctors in, Haben Tigray members in Tigray bought her a bike which would help her to exercise walking and cycling with her man-made limbs. 

Urgent Aid to IDPs and Residents in Mekelle and Shire

TIGRAY Virtues



Generosity even when struggling, 

Resilience under harsh challenges, 

Aspiration for greatness.

Yearning for Peace.